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Newtown square city located in Pennsylvania. It has been serving the community with the best heating and air conditioning services. We have the best technicians who always do the job right and clients always come back for more services.
In Newtown, PA, we offer a variety of services, they include; air conditioning services, heating services, indoor air quality, geothermal services, air cleaners, air purifiers, hot water heaters,etc.

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In Newtown Square

HVAC Services

NewtownPA provides all kinds of heating services. Top notch repair services that leave our customers satisfied with excellent work. We install, maintain and offer repair services for all your air conditioning and home heating systems. We are always available; do not hesitate to contact us.

Heating Services

Newtown PA will provide you excellent heating services. We have highly qualified and trained specialists who have the ability to service heating systems of all brands. We can work on electric heat pumps, boilers, gas furnaces, oil furnaces and many more. Our team is loaded with expertise to conduct a check up on your air conditioning system, to make repairs or general maintenance.

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Geothermal services

We got established contractors, well known from great reviews given by our customers on how well they install geothermal systems. We do it with all our heart and with great passion to give your home extra comfort. We also train homeowners on how to keep air filters and system ducts clean and how to change the filters. Geothermal heating is highly preferred because it emits less carbon monoxide and therefore very eco-friendly.

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Heating and Air conditioning quotes

You can easy find a quote, check our website and send a request and our customer care representatives will get back to you within the shortest time possible. Our contractors are trained and highly rated in this city and the most sought after. You can check our website reviews and see what our clients have said about us. We have great feedback from our clients and we always deliver quality services to give our clients the extra comfort needed in their homes.We respect our clients, serve them well and handle their homes with great care. The outcome of our work is great comfort. Our customers always come back.
This has been our work for over six years and our experience has grown immensely.


About Newton square city

The Newton square township is located in Delaware County, in the state of Pennsylvania. According to the 201 census, the population was about 12,216. This township was first mentioned in 1684. The Welshmen were the early settlers and the town was known as the Newton square and the basic economic activity was farming. The British army parties visited the Newton Township during the revolutionary war. From 1860 to 1890, the population dropped from 830 to 648. The landscape was characterized by farm houses since most of the population engaged in agricultural activities.

From 1886, a lot of developments began and many country estates were built on the Newton square rolling hills. In the 1890, the trolley services began at the Newton square and this was the beginning of development in the transportation sector.  In 1894, the Delaware and Philadelphia started the mule-drawn service with steam dummies to help on the hills. By the 20th century, automobile had begun and most of the urban dwellers moved to the countryside. Horseless carriages and trolley helped the country farmers to transition to suburban commuters.

Today, the Newton Township has developed into booming city, with businesses and cottage neighbourhoods. There are a lot of activities for both adults and young. Many people from all walks of life enjoy living at this city, cost of living is affordable and they can access all social amenities. The most common means of transportation today is through vehicles.

Geography and climate

Newtown square is characterized by a rolling hilly countryside towards the North and the West.

Newton city experiences summers that are hot and humid, which can be very uncomfortable. The weather changes often and extreme temperatures can last 3 to 4 days. The city experiences an even distribution of rainfall throughout the year, with high rainfalls in the late summer. Intense snow fall is experienced in the Northern and coastal areas.