Can A Geothermal Heat Pump Help You?

Have you been hearing about geothermal heat pumps but you are still not sure what they are all about and if they can help you?

We will take some of the mystery out of geothermal heatpumps and help you decide if it can be the answer you are looking for.

What exactly is a geothermal heat pump?

Geothermal HeatingMany people hear the term thrown around and are confused as to exactly what a geo thermal heatpump is. It is actually a simple yet ingenious device that is powered by electricity. The heat pump works to harness the earth’s capacity to store heat and then transfer the heat to your home to warm or cool it.

This design allows you to warm and cool your home without having to use combustible fuels. It is safer, cleaner and more cost effective than conventional heating systems.

Is it hard to install a geo thermal heat-pump?

Though many people assume the heatpumps are hard to install, most people are surprised to learn the installation process is much easier than they had anticipated

Geothermal heating doesn’t require ventilation for exhaust gases since there is no combustion like there is in fuel furnaces. This makes geothermal a great prospect for areas that are not a good fit for conventional furnaces.

The home’s current duct work can often be adapted for geothermal to carry heat throughout the home.

Where are geothermal heat pumps placed?

Heat pumps are placed inside the home. Most of the time they can be found in crawl spaces, basements, or even garages. Being indoors protects the unit from the weather and extends its lifespan which can mean additional savings for you.

Are all geo-thermal heatpumps the same?

There are a variety of geothermal heat-pumps that are designed for specific uses.

Some are all contained in a single housing unit to work exclusively with the geothermal system. Others work as a split system and work with the existing blower of a forced air furnace.

Some heat-pumps are designed to work with open loop systems where the groundwater is a higher temperature. There are also heat-pumps design to work with very low temperatures and can be found in a closed loop system.

How long do geothermal heat pumps last?

Since they are installed inside your home, geo-thermal heat-pumps are protected from the outside elements and can last for twenty years. Many can even extend past the twenty year mark.

Can the geothermal heat-pump heat my entire home by itself?

Some people are worried that a geothermal system won’t be enough on its own to heat and cool the entire home. We calculate your heating and cooling needs to provide you with a heat pump large enough to handle the job, but not too large that it wouldn’t be cost effective for your needs. A geothermal heatpump will supply between eighty and one hundred percent of your home’s heating and cooling needs.

Can I still use my current furnace too?

Yes! Many people think they have to give up their fuel heating system if they install a geothermal system. But that is not true. We can install a split system that allows you to use both. The geothermal system will produce the majority of the home heating, but your furnace will still be in place for additional heating on those winter nights when it gets bitter cold out.

Geothermal heatpumps have many advantages over conventional systems. They last longer, are cost effective, easy to maintain, can be used with your current furnace, can often incorporate your duct work, and are a safer alternative for your family.

If you want to learn more about geothermal heat pump installation, have any questions, or you are ready to get started, give Sinton Air a call today and we will help you on your way to a simple, cost effective and clean heating system for your home.

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